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Autodesk® PortfolioWall®

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Overview Brochure

Easy-to-use presentation and organizational tools help users make design assets more accessible – for collaboration, review, iteration, or inspiration.


Gather and Organize Visual Data
Gather and organize visual data quickly and easily with Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software – a simple yet valuable tool to manage and view digital images and assets such as sketches and concept drawings, competitive products, previous models, photographs, documents, and works in progress.

A Unique Presentation and Design Review Tool
Quickly review visual assets relevant to a project. Zoom into images, view at real-world scale, annotate, and compare. The innovative technology in PortfolioWall software also simplifies the process of creating presentations and makes them more dynamic. PortfolioWall® works in meeting rooms, presentation centers, studios, and on the desktop.

Reduce Delays in Design Reviews and Decision Making
Make decisions on visual assets more effectively than ever, and avoid design delays caused by waiting for design reviews. Streamline® the review process for executives, managers, clients, designers, and artists involved in the creative process. Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software also includes StudioViewer®, a stand-alone evaluation, presentation, and review tool for 3D models.

Features & Specifications

Simple User Interface
Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software is easy-to-use, and is designed for users of any level of technical expertise. With PortfolioWall®, data management is simple and intuitive — thumbnail images are automatically created and organized into "Tabs", allowing you to simply select a thumbnail to view the image.

2D Image Viewing
Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software gives you the ability to view a wide range of 2D images, including RGB, PIX, JPEF, GIF, TIF, BMP, PIC, TGA, EPS, Adobe® Photoshop® PSD, IFF. Movie files are also supported; AVI, Apple® QuickTime® MOV, MPG and Macromedia® Flash® (non-interactive).

3D Image Viewing
Autodesk® PortfolioWall® includes Autodesk® StudioViewer®, a 3D viewer that enables high-quality viewing of models from Autodesk® AliasStudio™ software and other 3D packages. The simple user interface features controls to tumble and zoom models or rotate on a virtual turntable. The new AliasStudio®-based viewer delivers fast performance for large data sets, high-quality image display, and diagnostic evaluation tools for examining surface quality. PortfolioWall® also enables other team members, such as design managers, to review work-in-progress and designs without requiring training or access to Autodesk® AliasStudio® software.

Real World Scaling
Autodesk® PortfolioWall® users can enter the size of objects to be displayed to scale, providing an accurate sense of the real size of an object or image.

Image Comparison
PortfolioWall® can quickly display two or more images at a time for comparison using a drag-and-drop function, allowing side-by-side evaluations during design reviews.

Annotation & Markup
Sketch or text annotations can be easily added to images during design reviews using integrated markers or text sticky-notes. Annotations are stored on non-intrusive layers--not on the original image.

Third-Party Application Launch
Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software can launch any Windows® application for file types it does not display. This allows PortfolioWall® to be used as a front-end to a variety of applications including design, word processing, and spreadsheet applications.

Easy Data Organization
Create multiple PortfolioWall® folders to better organize your work. Easily create folders using a navigation bar that makes viewing and finding projects sub-projects quickly and easily. In addition, tabs, folders, and images can be temporarily hidden from view to reduce visual clutter for presentations or while organizing data.

Pack & Go
All Autodesk® PortfolioWall® projects, including referenced images and files, can now be packaged for exchanging, sharing, and archiving in one convenient file. The package file can be opened in a new Autodesk® PortfolioWall® session and automatically unpacked.

Drag & Drop
Use drag and drop for many operations. Add data to and from the desktop, rearrange data and tabs, delete, print, and move images between Autodesk PortfolioWall® and other applications that support drag and drop.

PLM Integration
PortfolioWall® software can now be used to access visual assets stored in data management or other document collaboration systems that support the WebDAV protocol. Enhancements to Autodesk® PortfolioWall® 3 enable integration with PLM/PDM systems that support WebDAV, such as Teamcenter Community (TCC), a document collaboration system by UGS.

Preview Images for Word® and Excel® Documents
Autodesk® PortfolioWall® software displays of the first page of a document to allow for easy identification of non-image files.

Overlay Image Comparisons
A new image comparison tool enables the evaluation of subtle design differences by varying the transparency of two similar, overlapping images. The visual illusion of one shape morphing into the other makes differences between the images more apparent.

System Requirements

Operating Systems:

  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional

Hardware Requirements:

  • Dual Intel® Pentium® III or AMD Opteron® processor, 1 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • 40 GB Hard drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Autodesk® AliasStudio™ compliant graphics card (if using the StudioViewer®)
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